The creative process is what has driven Richard Cuen's career since his early years as an architectural student.

Before starting his architectural illustration firm in 1982, he worked as a senior designer in one of the largest housing firms in California. In that capacity Richard designed hundreds of units of housing as well as several commercial and industrial buildings. In 1984 he co-founded Breidenbach-Cuen Architects in Santa Monica, California. That firm became a premier custom-home architectural firm. While they produced numerous commercial buildings and multi-family projects, they were primarily known for their "high end" custom residential work. Numerous projects from that firm have been published, some internationally.

Richard moved to Las Vegas in 1994 seeking an area of the country where everything was new. He felt he could bring something fresh to an area with unbelievable growth. His career resume has also included furniture design, stained glass design, real estate development, architectural illustration, and most recently president of DLC General Contracting Inc., a company that built numerous public works projects in the Las Vegas area.

His close relationships with his clients are a priority. Rich works closely with his clients through every stage of the project. Richard has designed a wide variety of projects, involving both new construction and unusual renovation and reconstruction of existing structures. His work has included office buildings, industrial buildings, retail centers, University faculty housing, multi-family residential and private residences including homes for several celebrities and other note-worthy individuals. Through years of experience, he has developed an architectural language that reflects an understanding and exploration of a buildings impact on its environment. Architects and buildings are not isolated from the world, and Mr. Cuen acknowledges the contributing factors of context, site, client and program, design and detail in every aspect of the work.